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Wait List

Thank you for your interest in a buying a bike from Danny's Cycles, please note that putting your name on the waitlist does not guarantee you a bike.  If you want to guarantee that you get a bike in a timely manner, please checkout our pre-order page.

How it works:

Right now when we get bikes in, we first allocate the bike for customers who pre-ordered. Then whatever is left over we put up on a site for our wailist customers.  You will then be given a code and 48 hours to access this page.  Qty of each bike at each location are extremely limited, so while you do have 48 hours to access the page, the bike you are interested in might sell out before the 48 hours is over and in some cases we have seen them sell out in minutes.

If there is any inventory left over after the pre order and waitlist, then it goes onto our regular site and into our stores as open inventory.

Again, the only way to guarantee a bike would be to pre order it.

You will remain on the list, and we will update the wailist order page as we get product in, if the item you're interested in was not available, then check back the next time.

Must be a valid email address, e.g.
Please select what style of bike you are looking for.
Please note, models older than 2020 are no longer available from any manufacturer.
For children use inch format (i.e. 42") For adults use feet and inches (i.e. 5'10")
If applicable, please insert the name of the salesperson who helped you.

Looking for something else?

If you want to be added to our waitlist for other items such as car racks, smart trainers, etc., then please email us at: Please include your name, phone number and a description of the item you're looking for. For example if you're looking for a car rack for 3 bikes: "Hello, My name is Jane Doe, I am looking for a car rack that can carry 3 bikes for my 2020 Subarua Outback. You can reach me at (555)555-5555"