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Danny's Cycles Customer Tune-up (covers new bikes for 13 months)

Danny's Cycles Customer Tune-up (covers new bikes for 13 months)
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Expect pick-up of your bike within 2-3 business days. The completion of your bike is dependent on the workload at the shops. Right now the average turnaround time for a bike in a shop is 7-10 days. Once your bike is complete then we will schedule the delivery back to your home. The total turnaround time could be 10-14 days.

We include our exclusive 13 Month Service Plan with every new bicycle purchased from Danny’s Bicycles. To ensure that you continue to enjoy your new bicycle purchase long after you leave our shop, anytime your bike needs a general tune-up ($89 value) or just a quick adjustment, we will make those necessary adjustments for 13 months from your date of purchase. This 13 Month Service Plan is exclusively for new bicycles purchased at Danny’s Cycles and begins from date of purchase. Bikes purchased between 2013 -2017 get this for the life of the bike, and is non-transferrable. The Parts & Labor plan only covers components on the bicycle that fail because of manufacturer defect. Normal wear and tear is not covered. If a component is deemed to be defective the part will be replaced and the cost of the labor to install the part will be covered by Danny's Cycles. The manufacturer is who decides whether an item is deemed defective. This only applies to bicycles and components purchased at Danny's Cycles. The installation of wearable parts is not covered by the General Tune-up, you would be responsible for the cost of the parts and labor.