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Electra Cruiser 1

Simple at heart, Electra's Cruiser 1 lets you go anywhere in comfort. It… [more]

Electra Women's Townie Original 3i - 2015

Spin around the neighborhood in stylish comfort with the Women's Townie… [more]

Electra Glam Punk 3i - Women's - 2016

Electra’s Cruiser 3i Glam Punk is as rock-n-roll you can get without an… [more]

Electra Townie Go! 8i Ladies - 2016

Once we hit the year 2000, we all assumed we'd have jet packs. Electra's… [more]

Electra Cruiser 1 Ladies

Simple at heart, Electra's Cruiser 1 Ladies lets you go anywhere in… [more]

Electra Heartchya 1 (20-inch) - Girl's

Remember when you first learned how to ride? Remember riding to your… [more]

Electra Moto 1 - 2016

The Moto 1 is a conglomeration of cool. Take a healthy dose of BMX, add… [more]

Electra Straight 8 1 (16-inch) - Boy's - 2016

Remember when you first learned how to ride? Remember riding to your… [more]

Electra Townie Original 21D - 2016
$560.00 - $570.00

Electra's Townie Original 21D is perfect for intrepid travelers desiring… [more]

Electra Amsterdam Original 3i Ladies - 2016

Electra's Amsterdam Original 3i Ladies makes cycling so convenient and fun… [more]

Electra Townie Original 1 - 2016

Keeping it simple is what the Townie Original 1 is all about! It features… [more]

Electra Hellbetty 7i - 2016

A hot rod built for two? You bet! Electra's Hellbetty 7i sports the swoopy… [more]

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