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Thule Car Rack Systems

Bike Carriers

Thule bike racks

Bring your life. On two wheels. Whether you're into extreme mountain descents, long-distance road cycling, or a touring vacation with the family, you and your bike are inseparable. You're in love with the control, the feel of the ground beneath you and the response when you push down on the pedal.  

We believe you and your bike should never be apart. Which is why Thule's products are designed for you to make the most of your active life in the saddle – safely, easily, and in style. 

Off-road or on-road. Whether it's just you or a full carload of friends and family, get your bikes wherever you're going with a Thule bike rack – quickly, easily, and safely. If you're unsure which bike carrier suits you best, our Thule-trained staff will be happy to help you use the Thule Fit Guide.

Your Thule purchase from Danny's Cycles also includes:
• Professional Assembly
• Free Installation by appointment at select locations (except roof rack installation - $50)


Trunk Bike Racks

If your car doesn't have a tow bar and you need to transport your bikes, this is the perfect solution. These carriers attach to your vehicle’s trunk or hatchback with secure straps and clips. Carries 2–4 bikes, is foldable, and easy to store.


Trailer Hitch Bike Racks

Thule's hitch racks are easy to install and use. These durable racks mount to the receiver hitch so no base rack is required. Multiple options available to carry 1 to 5 bikes.

Ride your bike! It's easy! It's fun! It's great for you and Mother Earth! For inspiration and motivation, click on the scenes below to learn how bikes pamper our exploited planet like no other vehicle.


Roof Racks

Thule Multipurpose Roof Racks create a base to attach specialized gear carriers to the roof of your vehicle. The Fit Guide will pre-fill a check box for required components. There are three basic roof-rack systems:

1. For vehicles with rain gutters and without a factory-installed rack.
Complete system requires:
(1) Rain Gutter Fleet
(2) Load Bars

2. For vehicles without rain gutters or a factory-installed rack.
Complete system requires:
(1) Aero Feet
(2) Load Bars
(3) Specific Fit Kits that match the shape of your roofline

3. For vehicles with a factory-installed roof rack, using attachments to create a Thule crossbar "base." Depending on your vehicle you’ll see Tracker II, Railing or Rapid Railing systems. Some of these systems require individual components, sold separately.

A wide variety of specialized carriers attach to the Thule base roof rack or factory-rack. They are multi-purpose and allow you to carry not just bikes, but skis, snowboards, canoes and kayaks too. Enclosed roof boxes and open baskets can carry extra cargo.


Roof Top Bike Racks


Roof Top Cargo Carriers


Spare Tire Bike Racks


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